Andy Darling

Andy Darling

LOCATION: Palmeira Square
AVAILABILITY: Monday evening
PRICE: £40-£60 per session
Anxiety & depression
Anger & shame issues


Andy is a Senior Accredited BACP psychotherapeutic counsellor, and has been working with clients in Brighton and Hove since 2002. His original training was in the psychodynamic approach, and he also has qualifications in CBT, NLP, hypnotherapy and mindfulness. For the last ten years he has also supervised therapists.


Andy draws on a number of therapeutic approaches in his work. However, what matters beyond all else isn’t so much the ‘ologies’, but the human connection, in a safe, non-judgmental space. As the Roman playwright Terence wrote, ‘I am human, and nothing which is human is alien to me.’ This enables the emergence of progress and transformation, often in ways we don’t initially expect.

Other information

Andy was a journalist and TV scriptwriter for many years before retraining as a counsellor, and he is also a qualified Personal Trainer. 

Andy has written for Brighton Therapy Partnership, who provide CPD and training for counsellors. Articles include an overview of using Compassion Focused Therapy to work with shame, and how to work with clients with ADHD and autistic spectrum traits.

Andy's articles in expertise and resources