Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons

LOCATION: Palmeira Square
AVAILABILITY: Monday & Tuesday daytime
PRICE: £45 per session
Sexual abuse & assault issues
Young people (18+)
Growing up with a narcissist


Angela is a warm and insightful counsellor with over 20 years experience in private practice. A registered member of BACP she is dedicated to finding ways of improving the lives of those of you coming to her seeking help. She works in English and in French.

She believes that counselling truly is your journey of a lifetime – your magical mystery tour. You may come to counselling feeling cornered and restricted, seemingly strapped into a strait jacket. Maybe you feel as if you are living inside a glass bubble; you can see the world outside, but seem unable to communicate or feel the way you would like to about things outside it. It may seem as if your head is full of sticky black cobwebs, slowing you down.

If you are feeling any of those things, are struggling to make decisions, feeling haunted by your past, are undergoing relationship difficulties or are looking to enjoy a quality of life that seems to elude you, counselling can truly help. Yes, it can feel a terrifyingly risky first step. Yes, it can be painful - sometimes very painful, but there is laughter and humour too - and growth - oh yes, growth, along the way.

Given time, patience, and above all courage and trust in yourself, your counsellor and the partnership between you, that equilibrium really can be achieved.


Angela’s initial training was person-centred, but she subsequently gained her Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling from a Sussex BACP accredited course. She has undergone regular training during her years in social services and through Continuing Professional Development.


Angela started her career in social work, working with children and families before helping with adults’ and older people’s mental health problems in a multi-disciplinary Community Mental Health team with other mental health professionals where she gained invaluable experience in identifying problems other than those safely helped by counselling alone and in working compassionately with the elderly and those suffering from illness and loss. 

She has spent many years working in private practice in France.

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She only makes a small charge for the first session together.

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Tuesday daytime at Palmeira Square