Bonita Holland

Bonita Holland


Bonita has over 35 years experience working with children and young people in Education, Social Services, Youth Justice and the NHS prior to qualifying as a Counsellor and registering as a Member of the BACP. Bonita has recently been working for Virgin NHS Youth Counselling Service (11-25) and the Surrey based Catalyst Drug and Alcohol Service (adults) where she worked with clients for 9-12 sessions to achieve  specific goals. 

Her qualifications are:

  • BSc Psychology and PGCE (QTS qualified teacher status)
  • An MA in Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties in Children and Young People
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Gestalt Counselling

In 2012 she received a Winston Churchill Fellowship and travelled throughout Australia and the Solomon Islands looking at best practice in Inclusive Restorative Justice. This followed on from earlier British Council funded study trips to Jamaica, South Africa, and Denmark to look at educational and social programmes to combat disadvantage, violence and bullying . She is a well known speaker, trainer, and consultant on working with and engaging young people, including training youth justice staff in Belfast.

After 37 years, she has now retired from a long full time career in Education and is building her counselling Private Practice where she hopes to be able to help front line staff facing possible burn out or stress related issues, and also children and young people and their families experiencing challenging times. 


Bonita is able to offer counselling for individuals struggling with excesses or addictions, be it related to drugs, alcohol, food, gambling or others. If you are seeking Counselling support for your goal of harm reduction, she would like to offer her services.

She is a modern day Gestalt therapist which means that she is interested in your history but only in how it impacts on your here and now. Bonita works with a focus on 'What is your experience right now?' and she looks at this in a variety of different ways. If you like to be doing something active in sessions then she can work with you in this way using art, drama, body work and other techniques. If, however, you like to work by talking quietly or working slowly then this is how you will work together.

Bonita is creative, innovative, and insightful. Clients describe her as practical and to the point, as straight forward and clear, as always kind but challenging too. She likes to cut to the chase, but also to pause when necessary so that you can make meaning together of the significant experiences that you bring to each session. Her clients do very well, they make progress and recommend her to others. Bonita hopes to be of some help to you and welcomes you inviting her into a partnership where you focus entirely on your personal private hopes, dreams, and goals. 

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