Our fees

Fees are negotiated with each therapist and are within the range of £30-£50 per 50 minute session for individuals. Rates may be higher for couples work.

Individual therapists may operate concessionary fees relating to income or time of day (evening appointments may be more expensive).

Introductory session

Initial appointments or consultations are sometimes at half-fee, depending on the therapist. Your therapist will make this clear before your first appointment.

How to pay

Fees are payable directly to your therapist by cash or cheque. We are unable to accept credit cards or debit cards.

Does my insurance company pay for counselling?

Several of The Palmeira Practice therapists are registered providers with a range of medical insurance companies such as BUPA and Aviva. If you have medical insurance please ensure you make thorough enquiries about their terms for allowing access to psychological therapies before proceeding.

Where is The Palmeira Practice?

Head to our page on The Palmeira Practice location to find out where we are based and how best to reach us.

The room is quiet, comfortable, and non-intrusive, allowing you to get the most out of your therapy sessions.