Joanna Brett

Joanna Brett

LOCATION: Palmeira Square
AVAILABILITY: Monday afternoon
PRICE: £50 per session
Anxiety Disorders


Joanna holds postgraduate qualifications in both high- and low- intensity CBT, and holds provisional accreditation with the BABCP, as well as a Masters degree in Foundations of Clinical Psychology.

Joanna has over 5 years experience in delivering low and high intensity CBT interventions, and works with adults experiencing stress, depression, phobias, and anxiety disorders (including social anxiety, health anxiety, panic disorder, GAD, OCD, and PTSD).


As a psychotherapist specialising in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Joanna works within the safe and supportive environment of therapy to build a shared understanding of how our life experiences affect the way we view ourselves, the world, and the future. As well as exploring how this changes and develops over our lifetimes, CBT also involves exploring how our thoughts and behaviour can interact and reinforce each other – how very understandable coping strategies can develop unintended side-effects that reinforce negative thoughts or beliefs and leave people feeling worse. Joanna also acknowledges the effects of prevailing culture and the stress associated with membership of a minority group as having an important role in the development of belief systems and behavioural strategies.

In therapy, Joanna hopes to explore with clients their historical and current experiences in order to understand why they’re feeling the way they do, and to consider with them what changes might help them in going forward. The therapy she offers tends to be relatively short-term, focused on making changes to relieve distress and develop a new approach to life difficulties.

Joanna’s belief is that taking the time to explore and reflect in this way can lead to profound insights and can lead to significant and lasting change.

Other information

Choosing the right therapist can be stressful and difficult, and to make it easier for you to be sure you’re comfortable with your choice, Joanna offers an initial session at a reduced fee of £20. This allows you to discuss your difficulties and goals, and what the right kind of therapy (and therapist) might look like. There’s no obligation to continue beyond that initial session if it doesn’t seem like the right fit – and Joanna’s happy to discuss with you where you might be able to look next. 

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Monday afternoon at Seven Dials.