Linda Jones

Linda Jones


Linda holds an Advanced Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling/Psychotherapy and a Certificate in Counselling in the workplace. She works in a Person-Centred/Integrative way. Linda is a Registered/Accredited member of the BACP.  

Linda has experience working within the NHS, Terence Higgins Trust and a self-funding counselling service as well as Private Practice.

Long-term models

When working with longer term open-ended models of counselling which include Person-Centred counselling Linda uses both Transactional Analysis and Gestalt models where appropriate. 

Short-term models

When working within short-term models she uses CBT and Solution Focused Therapy.  (6-12 weeks)

Linda offers a safe, confidential, supportive environment in which to work.


A good counselling relationship based on openness and trust is the basis on which the work between counsellor and client develops.

Variety of issues

She has worked successfully for 15 years using the above models with clients from young adults to older persons of both sexes who have brought many different issues to the counselling room. These have included Stress, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Alcohol recovery, Sexuality, HIV, and problems within Relationships. By walking alongside her clients she enables change where they were ‘stuck’.


Linda has worked with students who are away from home for the first time or struggling with issues that include ‘not being good enough’ within the further education system. 

Person-centred approach

Person-centred counselling is a ‘client led’ way of working where the client can work within his/her own time frame. It brings understanding of old patterns and learned beliefs that are not relevant to the client’s way of life in the present. By changing these patterns a new more comfortable way of being can be found.

Transactional analysis

By incorporating T/A within counselling clients can learn how we constantly move between ego states of Child/Adult/Parent and can be influenced by inappropriate behaviour learned in childhood. 
Once we recognise this we can start to change our behaviour and operate in the world as a true Adult.
Our Child and Parent ego states still operate and influence us when having fun or when we need to take care of ourselves.


The more humanistic (the whole is more than the sum of its parts) model of Gestalt can be used creatively with colour, metaphor and practical exercises i.e. seeing our relationships set out in stones which can enable us to take control, it can help us to move forward.

Short-term approaches

When working in a short- term way with CBT or Solution focussed counselling we can decide how many sessions we will have and what issues we want to work with before we start counselling and set a goal to work towards.

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