Sally evans

Sally evans

LOCATION: Palmeira Square
AVAILABILITY: Friday evenings
PRICE: £60 individuals / £60 couples
Acute and chronic illness
Anxiety & depression
Cancer diagnosis
Grief and loss
Couples and relationships


Sally is an experienced senior clinician with over 20 years in practice, including 10 years within medical settings as well as her previous work within the voluntary sector and now in private practice.

Sally is registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and the British Psychological Society (BPS) with an MA in Counselling Psychology and Relate Adult Relationship and Adult Individual Counselling certification.


Have you been experiencing emotional pain, felt stuck, or frustrated with where you are in life?

It can be so difficult to find the answers on our own that will give us relief from our discomfort.

Maybe you have been dealing with symptoms of anxiety or depression for a while but hoping that they would shift on their own?

Maybe you have felt dissatisfied with your relationship but felt unable to talk to your significant other in a way that they can hear you?

Maybe you are facing a new cancer diagnosis and feeling very alone with the uncertainty that it has created?

I offer a supportive, non-judgemental environment where you can face difficult challenges and find resolve.

We all need someone at difficult times to be a confident, a witness and guide to help us grasp our hopes, our fears, our experiences and make sense of the ups and downs in life.

Other information

Sally has spent many years teaching and practicing yoga and meditation across Asia and North America.


"Working with Sally helped me navigate a difficult time when I was facing one of my greatest challenges, a cancer diagnosis. It was through my work with her that I was able to come out of a dark time getting back on my feet both physically and mentally. I would recommend Sally to anyone dealing with such challenging change."

"My partner and I have found our time with Sally invaluable in strengthening and rebuilding our relationship. Her non-judgmental approach and experience has helped us both relax into the sessions. We both feel stronger in ourselves and in our relationship as a result of the time with Sally."

Available for appointments

Friday evening at Palmeira Square.