Sarah Moody

Sarah Moody

LOCATION: Palmeira Square
AVAILABILITY: Friday daytime
PRICE: £50 for individuals, £70 for couples
Personal growth / Ongoing emotional issues
Relationship counselling
Family Constellations or ‘systemic’ work


Sarah worked in the creative business of public relations for many years before retraining to be a therapist in 2002. Initially she was drawn towards couples therapy (completing an Introductory Course in Marital and Couple Counselling with Tavistock Relationships). She then went on to complete a certificate in psychology (London Metropolitan University), before undertaking an MA and Diploma in Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and Counselling (with Terapia, a college in London affiliated with the University of Middlesex). She qualified in 2010.

Since then she has completed a two-year foundation and advanced professional training in Systemic Constellations with the Centre for Systemic Constellations, an approach which can be used to resolve personal, family and social issues. She is also a School of Being teacher having studied and trained with acclaimed relationship and intimacy expert Jan Day.

Once qualified, she worked in schools with teenagers and their parents and teachers, as well as running a private practice for adults and couples, and was also a tutor and group supervisor for psychotherapy students at her former college for a number of years.

She now works primarily with adults, using her experience with young people, and weaving in her business experience, post qualifying trainings, and other modalities that concern mind and body, to inform her therapeutic approach.


Sarah is keen to emphasise how normal it is to come for psychotherapy or counselling. All of us will experience emotional pain, feel anxious or afraid, or struggle with our feelings of anger or envy or despair at life’s circumstances.

And it is a resilient act, to decide to get some support to deal with distressing feelings or addiction, to come to terms with experiences such as redundancy or bereavement, or to deal with ongoing family or relationship issues, exam or job stress or confusion about career choices. It is also a big step towards self care.

Talking with an empathic person who is impartial and curious about you, your experiences and how you think and feel, can be very healing. It really helps when someone takes care to tune into where you’re at, who doesn’t judge, and who is on your side.

This relationship environment - of feeling seen and understood, and witnessed and accepted exactly as you are - helps create a safe space from where you can begin to explore what is happening for you. By giving yourself time and space to slow down and reflect, you can gain insights about how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are helping or hindering you.

It is in effect a collaboration between you and your therapist to explore and understand your inner world, in order to increase your self knowledge and Sarah does this by bringing attention to stories and patterns, and making connections between how underlying beliefs or previous experiences are influencing your life now.

She is qualified to work as a counsellor (shorter term work focusing on a particular topic or event/experience) and psychotherapist (helping clients to understand the underlying issues or habitual behaviours that might be behind challenges they’re facing). Some clients appreciate practical support and if this feels right for you she can suggest strategies or tools to help you learn better self-regulation, how to get more from your daily life, and what it takes to thrive in your relationship/s.

She offers a range of creative ways of working, so if you’re interested in exploring this, you can experiment with an ‘art therapy’ approach or using ‘cognitive behavioural’ style exercises to better help you get clarity, check out options or explore your fears and hopes.

Working with Couples

Sarah works with couples to explore how their present day relationship is being impacted by the origins of their earliest relationship patterns, gently helps them look at the ways in which they find themselves lost from each other, and offers them practical and heart-opening ways to find their way back into warm and loving connection.

Working with Systems

All of us belong to many systems, be be it couple, family, organisation, societal, cultural, race etc. Unconscious dynamics exist in a system and can underlie much of how we act and feel. Sarah works with individuals (and run family constellations workshops) to bring awareness to these unseen entanglements. This enables people to move into a better and more open hearted place in that system, allowing more healthy expression of their life energy and allowing more genuine connection with others.

Working with the Body

Therapy invites therapist and client to closely observe feelings, sensations and experience in the body, which hold more ‘truth’ for us than the mind’s stories we tell ourselves over and over.

Simply working with the breath can have a massive impact on our capacities to function. Sarah brings this interconnection between body and mind into sessions, encouraging clients to pay attention to the intelligence that exists in their bodies.

Sarah has experience of seeing therapy help with a range of issues such as:

  • depression

  • anxiety stress and panic

  • social anxiety

  • eating disorders or concerns about food and weight

  • bereavement / grief

  • relationship problems

  • exam stress

  • work issues

  • physical illness

  • lack of motivation

  • difficulty in making decisions

  • family difficulties

  • parenting concerns

  • difficulty with alcohol, smoking or other addictions

  • loneliness or social rejection

  • anger management

  • difficulty in adjusting to change

  • disrupted sleep patterns

  • fears about the future

Other information

As required by her profession, Sarah is committed to investing in further training to deepen and grow her capacities as a therapist and as a person. Her CPD approach weaves in strands from various fields, from psychological to spiritual and philosophical.

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Friday daytime at Palmeira Square.