Susan Egan

Susan Egan


Susan is a BACP accredited and registered counsellor. Susan also has a rich history of working in the visual arts and education, which she draws upon in her practice.


Susan specialises in psychodynamic counselling, but brings in other approaches when it feels natural. Her training required that she undertook her own personal therapy, which helps her empathise with clients coming into therapy themselves. Susan's counselling provides a safe and private space in which to explore feelings at a pace that is comfortable to you. She is an experienced therapist and works with individuals who have a range of problems and concerns. 

Open ended and short term therapy are available.

Previous work in education

Susan's previous line of work in education gives her an understanding of the stresses and strains of the work environment. Her involvement in the visual arts also gives her an insight into the ups and downs of creativity, which also informs her practice as a therapist. 

Other information

Susan has participated in psychotherapeutic personal development groups, and many mindfulness based practice groups and retreats. She has also led creative visual art self-exploration groups. This experience is also something that she draws upon as a therapist.  

Susan's articles in expertise and resources

Available for appointments

Tuesday late afternoon and evening at Seven Dials