Mo Jones

Mo Jones

LOCATION: Palmeira Square
AVAILABILITY: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings
PRICE: £45 per session
Anxiety & self esteem
Bereavement support


Mo is a qualified Humanistic Integrative Counsellor and is a registered member of the BACP. This means she work’s from a Person Centred Foundation integrating other modes of counselling to suit individual client needs. These include CBT, Gestalt, Psychotherapy, Transactional Analysis, Existentialism, Mindfulness and Focussing. Mo is also a trained and experienced Substance Misuse Counsellor (previously working for CRI) and Bereavement Counsellor (with CRUSE). She has 5 years experience of providing both short and long term support to a broad range of clients.


As a Person Centred counsellor Mo believes the individual is the only true expert on his or herself. She feels we all have the inner resources and answers within us to lead happy and fulfilling lives. However, at times it can be hard to hear this inner wisdom and guidance through the noise of modern life, anxiety and at times deep emotional pain.

Mo offer’s an environment built on compassion, a non-judgemental attitude and her warm authentic presence. Here you can discover meaningful insights about yourself, develop valuable life skills and move through periods of feeling stuck.

Every person is seen as an individual as Mo strive’s to understand your unique experience and view of the world. For Mo, counselling is YOUR space to express, explore and make sense of your inner world in safety.

How often do you allow yourself time to be this important?

Integrative counselling and Compassion Focused Therapy

Mo specialises in working with anxiety (esp the inner critic) relationships and attachment styles, feelings of shame or anger, loss/grief/isolation, movement when feeling stuck, letting go and the highly sensitive personality.

As an integrative practitioner Mo incorporates many counselling approaches or schools of thought to find a way of working that is right for you. 

Mo’s work is influenced by Compassion Focused Therapy, which can be especially useful when working with anxiety and the self-critic. Here she explores the impact of the threat and self protection system (fight, flight, freeze behaviours). And works to reduce difficult feelings such as shame, build compassionate qualities and cultivate the self-soothing system. 


Mo also incorporates Attachment theory during her work in order to uncover and understand the dynamics within family relationships and romantic partnerships.  This can be especially helpful when looking to change patterns of behaviour in relation to others and facilitate growth in close relationships. 

Substance misuse

During her work in Substance Misuse, Mo built experience of Motivational Interviewing and Brief Solutions Focussed Therapy. This style of counselling involves using various questions to discover alternative views of a situation in order to release or re-frame difficult emotions and move forward in life. This style of counselling can be useful when working to a limited time frame of sessions.

Bereavement support

Mo’s work with CRUSE Bereavement Care gave her extensive experience in holding the space for clients coming to terms with the profound pain of grief, loss and isolation. 

Other information

On a personal level Mo is interested in the philosophical, existential and spiritual aspects of humanity. She is open to exploration around the meaning of life and questions such as:- Who am I? What is my greater purpose? Is there a god? Mo understand’s these questions can have a profound effect on the soul and is always happy to explore these potentially frightening issues with warmth and sensitivity.

She would also like to add it that despite the serious nature of her work, humour never escapes the counselling relationship. Mo welcomes smiles, laughter and the shared of enjoyment of life in all its absurdity and splendour. 

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Tuesday evening, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at Palmeira Square.