Serena Roche

Serena Roche

 LOCATION: Palmeira Square
AVAILABILITY: Thursday evenings
PRICE: £50 per session, £70 for couples
Couples and relationships
Young adults
Sexual abuse


Serena is an experienced mindfulness based psychotherapist offering brief therapy or longer term depth work for adults and teens. Having trained at the Karuna Institute, she has an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy, a contemplative practice drawing on Buddhist principles and western psychology theory.

She has studied and practised with Place 2 Be, a charity for child counselling in schools, gaining her Level 4 Certificate for counselling children and has also trained at Re-Vision, Couples in Search of Soul, developing her knowledge for working with couples.

Serena has extensive experience working with adults, adolescents and couples in a variety of settings including schools, NHS and private practice.


Serena's practise is an integrated holistic approach focusing on mind and body to gain a deeper understanding of inner experience. The use of mindfulness in therapy has vast benefits including a deeply positive affect in managing and reducing emotional stress and anxiety. Bringing mindful attention to the arising sensations, thoughts and emotions in the present moment creates the space to slow down and reflect on what is happening. This refinement of awareness promotes a healthy sense of well-being, carrying with it the possibility of change and making way for a fuller and more spontaneous way of being.

Serena's intention is to offer a safe and non-judgemental space to uncover these complex thoughts and feelings. She believes that we all hold the wisdom and strength to heal our pain and trusts that the therapeutic process is a powerful aid in that journey.

Couples Counselling

Relationships can be deeply fulfilling offering us intimacy and a sense of belonging, but can at times be fraught with emotional difficulty and pain. Problems such as communication breakdown, resentments, blame or betrayal can lead to a sense of disconnection and feelings of loneliness within the relationship. Serena offers a safe space to explore the feelings you are carrying enabling you to reconnect with one another or to separate with clarity and compassion.

Counselling for Teens and Young Adults

Teens and young adults can at times feel isolated and confused, whether through traumatic experience; such as bereavement or divorce, anxiety at the pressure of life or simply the process of change. Dealing with complex emotions and new experience can feel daunting and difficult to express.

Serena uses a variety of creative methods alongside talk therapy such as sandtray, dream and art therapy which can help to access buried emotions or can be used as a tool to express something that cannot be found with words. Her focus on mindfulness and visualisation can help to improve stress and anxiety at times of difficulty.

Serena's aim is to offer a safe space for young people to discover and voice feelings to gain a stronger sense of self; improving relationships and communication.

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