Shelley Holland

Shelley Holland

LOCATION: Palmeira Square
AVAILABILITY: Tuesday evening, Wednesday afternoon & evening
PRICE: £50 per session
Repeating / Stuck Patterns
Toxic / difficult relationships
Trauma (childhood/adult)
Loss / Separation
Purpose of Life dilemmas
Issues originating in childhood
Mother – Daughter relationships
Managing difficult feelings
Life transitions
Somatic Disorders


Shelley has been working as a therapist in Brighton and Hove since 1997, and has vast experience in working with people of all ages and from all walks of life. She is a Senior Accredited Member of the BACP, and has extensive experience working with adults in private practice for over 15 years, and has over 10 years’ experience working with young people (13 to 25 years old), including managing a young people's counselling service. She is Owner and Director of Brighton Therapy Partnership, a training organisation for therapists, and through this keeps up to date with advances in therapeutic practice and thinking.


Shelley originally trained as a psychodynamic practitioner, and now works in both an integrative and holistic way. She combines key therapeutic approaches to provide the best fit for the person she is working with, and considers the whole person when working therapeutically, and not just the 'issue'.

Possibly the most important element in having a successful counselling experience is your relationship with your counsellor. Research has shown that it is the single most important factor in helping your counselling to be effective. Shelley's first aim in working with you is to encourage a positive relationships by providing a secure, safe and supportive environment where problematic issues can be understood through an exploration of both conscious and unconscious feelings – feelings that are buried or difficult to access are just as important as those we are all too aware of feeling!

A range of counselling disciplines

The key approaches that Shelley uses are the psychodynamic approach, cognitive/behavioural model, attachment-based and body psychotherapy approaches. 

In the psychodynamic approach there is a focus on providing a secure and safe environment in which to explore both conscious and unconscious feelings, with an emphasis on understanding how past experiences are shaping and influencing your relationships in the present. 

Shelley's work is also influenced by the work of body psychotherapy and mindfulness where attention is paid to the whole person and how experiences and feelings are felt both emotionally and physically. 

Other influences in Shelley's work are the cognitive/behavioural model where ways of ‘unhelpful’ thinking are explored and understood, and by systemic thinking which is a way of understanding ourselves within families and other ‘systems’ such as the workplace.

Attachment-based therapy also informs Shelley's work. This is where difficulties in adult relationships can be understood by reflecting on the influence of 'attachment patterns' developed in childhood, and the nature of the bonds we made with our early care-givers.

Shelley is also interested in the use of metaphor, narratives and stories in counselling. Stories can also be an important part of therapy. We all have a story, perhaps many stories, that have helped us at some point to make sense of our lives and the experiences we’ve had. Sometimes these stories seem to stop working, perhaps because of changes in our relationships with others, or because our life circumstances have changed.

Shelley is open to working with people who would like to use basic art materials, journal writing, or creative writing exercises to further their self-knowledge.

A wealth of counselling experience, adapted to you

Shelley maintains very high standards of training through her work running Brighton Therapy Partnership, a training organisation for counsellors and psychotherapists. 

Other Information

Shelley is registered with BUPA and Aviva as an approved provider of counselling and psychological therapies. She specialises in working with people who are experiencing anxiety/stress, dealing with trauma issues (recently or in childhood), bereavement, managing family relationships (past or present), young people (16-30 years of age), and people who are exploring their purpose or direction in life.

Shelley is the founder of Brighton Therapy Partnership - the foremost training provider for counsellors and psychotherapists in the South East.

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Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon/evening