Counselling can support us to live happier and healthier lives. For many of us, general therapeutic principles can be applied to better understand where root problems lie and then build strategies for dealing with them. For some of us, however, we already know the issues we are dealing with and need support around.

In these circumstances it may be better to see a counsellor who specialises in those issues, and has significant training and experience in helping clients with them.

At The Palmeira Practice, we have counsellors specialising in a wide range of issues, meaning that we can typically match a counsellor to you dependent on your needs. Here are just a few specialist services that we offer.

Couples counselling

All relationships experience periods when they become strained. Whilst this is perfectly natural, it can sometimes help to get professional help. Bouts of frequent arguments, unresolved issues, or behavioural issues can put unnecessary burdens on a relationship, and it can sometimes feel like there’s no easy way to fix things.

A therapist can help to guide you both through these issues, whilst also acting as an independent mediator when it comes to your communication with each other. There are many, many couples who seek therapy for a range of reasons. Perhaps one partner has been unfaithful, and you need a safe space to air your feelings to one another and find a way to resolve them. Or perhaps a partner is controlling over an aspect of your joint lives, such as finances. Couples therapy can help in these circumstances too.

Prices for couples counselling start at £50.


Addiction can take many, many forms. There are substances we commonly associate with addiction, such as alcohol and drugs – both of which many people from all walks of life heavily rely upon to get them through the day.

However, we are also seeing a rise in new types of addiction as people try to find escape from the day-to-day, particularly when their lives aren’t easy. Online gaming and social media are two such forms, and these mediums are often designed to keep people hooked to them. Others, meanwhile, become addicted to sex and pornography.

Despite being different types addiction, the symptoms and results are often very similar to addictions to drugs and alcohol. People fall into the trap of addiction in much the same way, and the results of that addiction such as feelings of shame are consistent as well. The good news is that therapy can help.

Prices for addiction therapy start at £50.