Barbara Green

Barbara Green

LOCATION: Palmeira Square
AVAILABILITY: Thursday evening
PRICE: £40 per session / £60 for couples
Couples/ Relationship therapy
Sexual abuse & trauma (child/adult)
Depression & loss


Barbara is an accredited counsellor with over 12 years’ experience working with people needing support. She also has specialist training in and has worked with individuals who have experienced trauma, including childhood sexual abuse, rape and domestic violence.

Barbara is an accredited member of British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Her initial training was in psychodynamic counselling and with further training and experience. She has added other skills to my work providing a more integrative approach. She is also trained and qualified with Relate as a couple counsellor.


Barbara offers short and long term counselling to individuals and couples. She works in a collaborative and ethical way and offers a safe, confidential setting where you can work at your pace and follow your needs.

Many of us reach a point in our lives where we find we need some extra support in dealing with life’s struggles and it can be difficult knowing which support out there is the right one for you. Together with Barbara, you will work out how talking therapy can help you to explore your relationships, what difficulties you are facing and find new ways of seeing yourself and the world, and perhaps new ways of living your life.

As a therapist, Barbara aims to help you make sense of your thoughts, feelings and experiences and to support you in addressing particular problems and in making changes. Whatever the issue, creating the time and space in which to explore things in greater detail and to become more familiar with our internal world and the things that inspire, motivate and challenge us, can be a real gift.

The improved insight and self-knowledge gained from therapy can not only help to ease the distress of the initial problem but can be helpfully applied to other matters and areas of life.

Couples counselling

Relationships can be very confusing and often it’s hard to disentangle our feelings. Barbara offers couples’ counselling as well as counselling for individuals who want to explore past relationships or want help with looking more closely at difficulties with new ones.

Couples counselling deals with many aspects; there can be a feeling of living increasingly separate lives, struggling with parenting pressures, illness, loss of interest in sex, coping with impact of affairs and loss of trust and sometimes just not talking to each other anymore. On both sides there may be unfulfilled expectations that our partner should know what is needed but fails to deliver it.

Having a trained person to talk these through with can make the difference between withdrawal, loneliness and disappointment to increased communication and reconnection.

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