Paul Weeden

Paul Weeden

LOCATION: Palmeira Square
AVAILABILITY: Tuesday and Wednesday morning
£50-60 per session
Finding purpose & meaning in life
Relationships and family
Somatic coaching (body-based self development)
Low self-esteem
Goal setting & achieving
Men’s personal growth


Paul is a certified Embodied Facilitator through Integration Training. He is very passionate about helping people to develop themselves through the body’s inner wisdom, and movement based practice.

Paul’s main therapeutic training was through an integrative BACP accredited advanced diploma at the Centre for Personal and Professional Development in North London. Paul chose this training because a wide spectrum of theories can apply to any given situation, meaning he can find the most apt therapy modality for your specific situation.

Paul integrates humanistic approaches such as Gestalt intervention techniques, person-centred philosophy, Transactional Analysis tools, and psychodynamically working with the unconscious and the shadow parts of the ego/self. Paul also uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as a cognitive tool box.

Paul has completed a relationship-based clinical supervision diploma through Ibis Consultancy, and blends somatic awareness with other modalities to help other professionals to work more effectively with their clients.


Paul’s goal is to bring meaning & purpose into people’s lives through therapeutic counselling and coaching work. He aims to reignite the flame of inspiration and passion, so that clients start to feel inspired & excited to get up and make the most of every day once again.

Paul has been working in the fields of counselling & CBT for around 10 years. Initially this was in small organisations like ‘As You Are’ in Southwick and ‘The Dialogue Centre’ with children in schools, and then more recently with the NHS.

Paul is skilled at helping clients to work through their past traumas and making peace as best they can.

Paul is guided by the principle that ultimately we can either sit and wait for things to happen to us, or we can get busy, engaged and involved using our resources. We can actively use our minds and bodies as best we can to create inspiring and interesting lives through the goals and dreams we pursue. The choices we make today with greater awareness and focus than yesterday, can lead to an inspiring and meaningful future.

Self developmental activities

One of the ways we can improve our future is by choosing activities that we can use for our self development. This in itself can become meaningful for you, even if other areas of your life are not. It could be through creative arts, or sport or it could be something like Wim Hof’s cold water therapy, which Paul is a big proponent of.

Whatever you decide to make your focus, it will quite likely be difficult at first, but also quite possibly fun and exciting as well. Challenges like these can be what help us to develop the ability to focus or perform better under pressure, or perhaps to express ourselves in new ways that may feel uncomfortable at first.

Four elements

Another one of the tools Paul utilises is the “Four Elements” model (Earth, water, fire, air). This can be very useful in helping you to get a better picture of where your strengths are, and where you may like to develop further.

The model works as follows…

Earth is associated with being reliable and grounded. This element can also lead to us feeling stuck and inflexible, though.

Water in this model is relational and adaptable, though excess of this quality can lack boundaries, and it might show up as you not feeling able to say ‘no’.

Fire is assertive and efficient when in balance, but can become reactive and aggressive when not.

Air is ideally creative and inspiring; but it can show up as flakiness, if it’s not balanced with the other elements.

The mind like the body has the ability to grow stronger and be more efficient. By gently and safely increasing our ability to tolerate a greater amount of discomfort, we grow and become better adapted to challenges and stress. Not unlike how a runner or weight lifter builds up their strength and fitness.

Other information

Paul’s work and interests include working on developing healthier meaningful relationships, setting clearer boundaries, and coaching around managing anxiety and depression. Paul is also a loving dad, a passionate musician and producer, and a martial artist engaged in self defence training (Systema & Wado Ryu Karate), as well as regular Wim Hof Method practitioner.

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Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at Palmeira Square.